Eagles Rest Condominiums Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this location ski in/ski out?

A: The Eagles Rest Condominiums are not Ski-out locations.

Q: Are pets allowed in the Eagles Rest Condominiums?

A: Sorry. Pets are not allowed in these units.

Q: Do Eagles Rest Condominiums have access to the Sundance Swim Club?

A: Yes! Guests staying at the Eagles Rest Condominiums will enjoy complimentary use of the Sundance Tennis & Swim Club with outdoor pool and Jacuzzi located just across the street from their accommodations.

Q: How far away are the Eagles Rest Condominiums from Grand Teton National Park?

A: The entrance to Grand Teton National Park is only a couple minutes away from Teton Village Wyoming the Eagles Rest Condominiums which offers many outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and sightseeing during the summer season.

Q: Are cribs available?

A: A: Sorry, no cribs avable for the Eagles Restunits.

Q: Are rollaway beds available?

A: For your convenience, rollaway beds are available upon request. There may be an extra charge for each rollaway so be sure to ask your Jackson Hole Reservations agent upon booking.

Q: Will I be receiving a confirmation of my reservation?

A: Yes. Once your reservation is confirmed through our reservations department, you should receive a conformation of your reservations within one week from the time you make your reservation. If you do not receive your confirmation, please call 1-800-329-9205 and we will resend your confirmation.

Q: Will I be receiving information about check in procedures and late arrival procedures?

A: Included in your confirmation packet will be a map that shows you where to check in and the procedures you will need to follow. Also included will be instructions for late arrival.

Q: Is there travel insurance available?

A: Yes. Travel insurance is available upon booking. Please ask your Jackson Hole Reservation Agent to explain what the insurance covers and how much it will cost.

Q: If I choose to stay in Teton Village, will I be close to any nightlife, good restaurants and shopping?

A: Teton Village has many exquisite restaurants that offer many of the finest foods that you will find anywhere in the Jackson Hole Ski Resort! In Teton Village you will find restaurants such as the Vertical, the Cascade Grill, Masa Sushi Bar, the Mangy Moose, and many more. The Mangy Moose often features live music in the evenings. Shopping is not hard to find in Teton Village either. There are many souvenir shops, clothing stores and outdoor sporting stores located at the base of the ski resort.

Q: What is the Weather like in Jackson Hole Wyoming and what should I wear?

A: The weather is extremely unpredictable in Jackson Hole Wyoming and in Teton Village. Whether you are coming for the winter or the summer, make sure that you bring clothes for the cold and warm weather you may experience. If you are skiing, the best way to deal with the changing conditions is to dress in layers. It is recommended to wear a good outer layer of a water proof jacket with polar fleece secondary layers. It is also recommended to best to wear polypropolene long underwear, against the skin.